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01.    Digital marketing   

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    01.     Digital marketing.

Paid Social / search

Driving traffic to your website via the main social media advertising platforms together with Google products is the way we acquire new customers for your business. It is here that we build your customer base by creating unique touch points for your customers.

E-commerce mentorship

Looking to grow while keeping your expertise in-house? Then our mentorship package is what you need. We share all our years of expertise by testing everything over various industries. The mentorship exists out of a kick off meeting where we set you up for succes and a weekly call where we discuss your campaigns, KPI’s and opportunities.

Email / SMS

Email should be making up at least 20% of your revenue. It is much cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire one. This is why we build the right funnels for both Email and SMS to make your customers keep coming back for more.

Digital PR

To succeed in e-commerce one has to create as many touchpoints as possible. One of them certainly is pr when for example launching a new product or expanding into another market. We can help you to set it up and spread the word.


Marketplaces could be a great way to test out certain markets, add some volume or can be a complete misfit to your brand. We've had this discussion with a lot of brands and would love to help you out making the decision to double down on marketplaces or stay away from it as far as possible.

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